ESG Regulatory Solutions

ESG Book’s range of sustainability data and reporting solutions support our clients in meeting growing regulatory demand.

Our Solutions

ESG Book’s data-driven approach is designed to enable clients to integrate robust sustainability insights into regulatory reporting.

Our solutions are built around the empirical observation that ESG finance policy and regulations are a 21st century phenomenon and will continue to play a critical role in the transition to net-zero, sustainable capital markets.

ESG Book’s regulatory solutions help asset managers, asset owners, and corporates address increasing demands by regulators in the EU as well as the US, Japan, APAC and other leading jurisdictions.

  • Raw-level ESG data indicators required by certain regulated entities; clients can use and integrate these into their own reporting obligations and due diligence processes.
  • AScreen company data disclosures against established regulatory requirements such as the EU Taxonomy and NFDR. Identify significant data gaps and disclose missing data. Generate reports that provide a heatmap of disclosure levels and gaps.
  • Screen portfolios for regulated ESG data reporting gaps, identifying ‘red flags’ and areas where the reported data presents key strategic regulatory ESG risks and areas for improvement.
  • 2-page reports generated dynamically at company-level or portfolio-level in relation to each mandatory regulation, focusing on number of requirements, percentage achieved, and peer group analysis.
  • Bespoke client regulatory projects where the ESG Book team works closely with clients to streamline ESG data strategies in line with best industry practice and regional regulations.