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Explore Arabesque’s range of technology-driven, transparent ESG analytics and data solutions to gain a cutting-edge in sustainability performance

ESG Data Solutions

Making Sustainability Data More Accessible

Our ESG Data Solutions enables clients to undertake detailed sustainability analysis at the company and portfolio level

A proprietary data module that maps the sustainability performance of over 9,000 companies across ESG factors

Green revenues raw data provides greater insight into a how a company is capturing climate-transition opportunities

We provide clients with Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, enabling a comprehensive analysis of GHG emissions from companies and their climate impact
Esg data solutions
ESG Scores

ESG Scores

A Suite of Scores to Assess Corporate ESG Performance

Explore our range of data-driven scores and products for sustainability analysis

The ESG Score measures how well companies are managed

A normative assessment of corporates based on the United Nations Global Compact

A unique data solution for the assessment of corporate climate impact

Systematically screen over 27,000 companies for revenue and business involvement

Regulatory Solutions

Helping Clients Meet Growing Regulatory Demand

Our data-driven approach is designed to enable clients to integrate robust ESG insights into regulatory reporting

Enabling clients to meet the reporting requirements of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

A unique tool that quantifies the level of over 7,000 of the world’s largest companies to the TCFD recommendations

Screen company data disclosures against established regulatory requirements (e.g. NFRD, EU Taxonomy, etc.); identify significant data gaps and disclose missing data; generate reports that provide a heatmap of disclosure levels and data gaps

Raw-level ESG data indicators required by regulation and type of regulated entities; clients can use and integrate in their own reporting obligations and due diligence processes disclosed to regulators

2-page reports generated dynamically at the company-level or portfolio-level relative to each mandatory regulation; focused on # of requirements, % achieved, and peer group analysis
Regulatory Solutions
Climate Data Solutions

Climate Data Solutions

Supporting Clients on the Transition to Net-Zero

We support businesses and investors along the different stages of their climate journey​

A unique data solution for the assessment of corporate climate impact

Helping clients understand financial risks and opportunities related to the low-carbon transition

Analysing exposure to the physical risks of climate change

Accessible and granular data sets including Emissions Data, Green Revenues Data, TCFD Data and Kyoto Gases Data

Corporate Solutions

Delivering Sustainability Leadership for Corporates Globally​

Our Corporate Advisory Solutions foster transparency into sustainability performance and provide technology tools for managing data and risks.

We provide granular insights into sustainability performance across reporting frameworks and S-Ray’s proprietary score lenses​. We conduct materiality assessments, peer benchmarking and gap analysis with recommendations for improvement

Professionalise ESG data management in cloud-based, central reporting platform on ESG Book​. Enable systematic supply chain transparency and measurement

Screen business and supplier portfolios for ESG risk due diligence. Design and build tailored technology solutions and tools for ESG monitoring and steering
Corporate Solutions

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