Making ESG data accessible, comparable and transparent

ESG Book connects investors with companies, providing transparent, comparable ESG data for over 9,000 corporates in real-time

Portfolio Screening

Analyse sustainability KPIs of lending and investment portfolios, and host bespoke ESG lenses based on raw data covering public and private assets

Access proprietary ESG scores on a universe of companies listed across all the world’s leading stock indices

Design bespoke monitoring dashboards according to your institutional and risk preference

Download raw data for integration in your own investment and risk analysis models
Portfolio Screening
Corporate ESG Analysis

Corporate ESG Analysis

Explore the ESG performance and disclosures of companies listed across all the world’s major stock indices

Access suite of ESG metrics and data analytics enable users to analyse a wide range of sustainability and climate performance indicators for each company

Utilise pre-filled data modules including 30+ Emission Metrics, 60+ Green Revenue Metrics, and 350+ ESG Metrics

Download data provided by companies or S-Ray’s data universe, and upload additional data and frameworks

Framework Mapping

Download data provided by companies or S-Ray’s data universe, and upload additional data and frameworks

Disclosed data can be mapped across multiple reporting frameworks and standards simultaneously, thereby increasing reporting efficiency.

ESG Book allows for cross functional, auditable and simultaneous collaboration on preparing internal ESG data and KPIs for reporting cycles.


Facilitate the request and disclosure of ESG data and actionable ESG information

Report against questionnaires based on established reporting frameworks (e.g., GRI, SASB, TCFD, etc.)

Manage and map disclosure requests and answers across multiple reporting frameworks, prioritising requests and select which data points to report based on materiality. ESG Book also enables institutions to request the disclosure of specific or omitted data points

Build or subscribe to applications that transform raw sustainability data into actionable use cases

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