ESG Performance Score*

*Unlock the power of sustainability.


A new approach to ESG data*

*Financial markets need better ESG data to meet increasingly complex sustainability requirements.

ESG Book is taking a new approach to make sustainability data more accessible, comparable, and transparent to support smarter decision making.

Introducing the ESG Performance Score, our transparent, data-driven assessment of corporate sustainability performance inspired by SASB’s materiality framework.


The Challenge*

*Sustainability considerations are integral to future-oriented investment and management. However, blind spots and confusion around current scores and analytics can make integrating sustainability a challenge.

Black Box Methodology

Limited insight hampers score interpretation.

Proprietary Frameworks

Lack of standardisation and resulting divergence prompts questions of accuracy and comparability.

Limited Insight

Opaque understanding of underlying data informing score.

Generalist Approach

Restricted ability to account for industry and sector specific metrics.


The Solution

The ESG Performance Score provides comprehensive analytics on the sustainability performance of over 7,000 companies worldwide.

  • Based on ESG Book’s 450+ standardised and derived ESG and climate metrics.
  • Providing full transparency around data and source documentation.
  • Sector and industry-specific topics are emphasised through materiality weights.
  • Companies must meet minimum disclosure requirements to receive a score.
  • Scores ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 indicating best performance.

Performance Score Features

The ESG Performance Score offers a distinct view on point-in-time performance based on a transparent methodology.

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    Transparent Methodology Gain access to framework, data mapping & calculations.

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    Full Data Disclosure Ability to click through from scores, to raw data, to source documentation.

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    Established Framework Inspired by an established, evidence-based framework developed by SASB with broad market participation.

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    Industry & Sector Materiality Systematic industry and sector-specific weighting with insight into material areas of sustainability performance.

Two ESG Performance Score products*

*ESG Book’s two complementary scores - ‘Core’ and ‘Plus’ - offer analytics for diverse use cases.

ESG Performance Score –

Point-in-time score showing companies’ sustainability performance based on publicly available company data

Total Score Category Scores
Dimension Scores Pillar Scores
Disclosure Score Category Weights
History: 2015 Onwards

ESG Performance Score –

Media and NGO coverage corrected scores that account for the public perception of companies’ performance

Total Score – News Adjusted Pillar Scores – News Adjusted Dimension Score – News Adjusted Category Score – News Adjusted

Use Cases

The ESG Performance Score can be used for a broad range of research, investment and engagement purposes.

Fundamental Analysis

Reinforce internal analysis and investment decisions by helping to identify risks and opportunities based on material ESG information.

Portfolio Screening

Define investable universe through portfolio exclusions and best-in-class screens based on Total, Pillar, Dimension and Category Scores as well as raw data.

Shareholder Voting and Engagement

Gain insight into company-level sustainability performance to enable targeted and evidence-based company engagement.

Position Sizing

Allocate to improving ESG performance alongside returns or integrate criteria level ESG targets into other investment factors.

Identifying Disclosure Gaps

Deep dive into raw data disclosure in comparison to peers to identify gaps and set improvement goals.

Peer Benchmarking

Identify leaders and laggards within industries and sectors to understand trends and benchmark performance.

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