ESG Quick Takes 3: Can crypto be sustainable?

In this episode of our Sustainable Finance Quick Takes podcast, we talk about the efforts around making crypto more sustainable. Our guest is Doug Miller who is working on renewable energy solutions for crypto miners and exchanges. Doug’s work is also with the Crypto Climate Accord, a private sector-led initiative for the crypto community that recently published a reporting guidance for emissions and energy usage from crypto. For more context behind the debate on crytpos’ sustainability, see this FT interview with Doug, and the Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index.

Guest description:

Our guest for Quick Takes episode #3 is Doug Miller. Doug has had several roles in the renewable energy space, combined with blockchain. After four years at Energy Web developing blockchain solutions for energy transition needs, he recently became deputy director at the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) and is a co-founder of Zero Labs, a new startup grown out of Energy Web. Zero Labs will proceed to build a public tokenized renewable energy marketplace to boost market access, starting with crypto buyers. Check his twitter for the latest updates.