Introducing the TCFD Alignment Barometer

A unique tool that quantifies the level of the world’s largest companies to the TCFD recommendations.

The need for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures.

The TCFD Alignment Barometer is a new unique tool that quantifies the level of over 7,000 of the world’s largest companies to the TCFD recommendations.

The Barometer provides an overall score as well as an overall rating, with further granularity provided by the sub-scores for each of the 4 pillars and 11 topics outlined by the TCFD. Alignment is based on a set of objective metrics developed by ESG Book that are used to check disclosures on the different topics.

The TCFD Alignment Barometer is built with investors and corporates in mind and will provide transparency that will enable greater engagement, risk management, benchmarking and more.

How It Works

The score follows a three-layer approach to derive an overall TCFD Score.

The 11 topics are broken down into 49 metrics to be able to assess and quantify the level of disclosure for each different topic. These sub-scores are then rolled up into the four pillars (Governance, Strategy, Risk Management and Metrics & Targets) to then calculate the overall alignment score.

The final score indicates a company’s alignment with the TCFD framework. A percentage value supplements the alignment rating, where a higher percentage indicates greater disclosure in line with the TCFD.

Added Value

Encourage Alignment

Incentivise alignment with the TCFD, by providing a framework-aligned score to assess climate transparency. Specifically, how climate-related risks are assessed and managed.

Holistic Measurement

Allow users to take a more holistic approach to measuring climate-related corporate performance, with a score that is focused on transparency and strategy, rather than solely emissions.

Simplifying Analysis

The score limits the need to deep dive into climate disclosures since it provides a clear indication of which areas of the TCFD a company is leading in and/or lagging.