Business as usual*

*Is no longer an option.

ESG makes no sense*

*If you can’t trust the data.

1.5oC is realistic*

*For only a fifth of the world’s largest companies.

Net-zero by 2050*

*Will require a complete transformation of the global energy system.

Boards need more men*

*To step-up and match female counterparts in driving climate action.

We can’t change anything*

*Without accessible, comparable and transparent sustainability data.

Welcome to ESG Book. Powering financial markets to deliver a sustainable future.

The future of ESG

Sustainability is transforming financial markets at an unprecedented rate. However, this transition will fail without better data.

ESG Book combines cutting edge technology and proprietary research to fix a fundamental problem; markets need clearer ESG information to allocate finance efficiently to more sustainable outcomes.

Our solutions make sustainability data more widely available and comparable for all market stakeholders. We enable companies to be custodians of their own data, provide framework-neutral ESG information in real-time, and promote transparency through our digital platform.

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