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*Supporting Welton Investment Partners in developing an ESG-filtered equity portfolio.

Client Requirement

Welton were looking for an ESG data partner for the development of an ESG-filtered equity portfolio that seeks to produce alpha in stock selection and helps modulate systemic risk.


ESG Book’s data was integral to the fund’s core active ESG equity strategy. The ESG-filtered equity portfolio incorporated a diversifying trend strategy that can protect a portfolio in periods of economic contraction while addresses idiosyncratic risk.

Case Study Solution 1

The Results

Seamless Integration

ESG Book’s solutions were seamlessly integrated into Welton’s approach, from the selection of non-financial data, use of AI to search over 30,000 media sources globally for ESG corporate activity, assessment of data relevance, and calculation of data for scoring.

Data-powered ESG solution

Welton developed a scoring mechanism for more than 9,000 companies based on ESG Book metrics, enabling a quant stock selection on a filtered portfolio of ESG-preferred equities.

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