Greenlight Biosciences

*Developing a sustainability strategy for stakeholder engagement by leveraging ESG Book’s corporate solutions.

Client Requirement

Whilst sustainability is core to Greenlight’s business strategy, the company required support in developing an ESG strategy for stakeholder engagement. Greenlight identified ESG Book to help the company structure and store disclosed data, align with reporting standards and frameworks, and assess their current ESG performance.


ESG Book collaborated with a leading sustainability consultancy to developed required policies, processes, and reporting, which was then disclosed and stored on ESG Book’s platform.

Case Study Solution 1

ESG Book conducted a Company Assessment to evaluate Greenlight’s sustainability performance based on self-disclosed data, undertaking peer benchmarking, and generating insights into financially material ESG topics.

Case Study Solution 2

The Results

Centralised Data Management

Our solutions have enabled Greenlight to store, share and update sustainability information on the ESG Book platform, as well as access the latest ESG reporting standards and frameworks

In-depth Understanding

Greenlight have been able to identify and understand financially material topics within the Biotech industry and benchmark performance against peers to identify key strengths and areas of development across ESG topics.

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