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*Partnering with Glass Lewis to deliver sustainability performance insights.

Client Requirement

Glass Lewis, a leading provider of global governance solutions, identified ESG Book as its partner to provide many of the world’s largest investors and corporates with market-leading sustainability intelligence for proxy voting and shareholder engagement.


ESG Book provides company ESG profiles for Glass Lewis’ Proxy Paper research reports, enabling clients to gain the latest ESG data and insights on thousands of companies worldwide, and access to climate and regulatory data solutions.

Case Study Solution 1

Glass Lewis’ partnership with ESG Book gives its corporate clients exclusive access to their full ESG Report to better understand the sustainability data and insights used by many of the world’s leading financial institutions and investors.

Case Study Solution 2

We believe that our strategic partnership delivers profound insights and access to ESG, climate, and regulatory data will quickly become a critical tool in the stewardship process.

Chief Commercial Officer
Glass Lewis

The Results

ESG Insights for Investors

ESG Book’s data and insights in Proxy Paper reports have been widely used by Glass Lewis’ clients, enabling them to access market-leading intelligence on corporate management of ESG risks and opportunities.

Stakeholder Management

ESG Book’s data and insights have enabled corporates to better understand and meet investor expectations, and have led to greater transparency around clients’ corporate ESG reporting.

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